Shaping Careers with Global Education
The tiny tots of Nursery & K.G. Classes are introduced to the basic skills through play-way methods - under homely atmosphere. The child adjust in the new environment & develops the spirit of curiosity which is the key to all learning : A children's park with swings, ladders, merry-go-round, sea-saws & jungle gym provide fascinating opportunities to be a part of the peer group.

The child grows to be familiar with the school environment & is exposed to more formal way of learning through latest methodologies of teaching.

The main subjects taught are:

Class -I Class - II Class - III-V
English English English
Hindi Hindi Hindi
Math Punjabi Punjabi
EVS Math Math
  EVS Social Studies



The school follows the syllabus & books prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Counseling Cell
The services of a counsellor are available to advice & guide the students in their various educational problems & choice of career for them.

House - Activities
The students from Class I onward are allotted one of the four houses. They get opportunity to participate in various house activities such as art craft, debate, declamation, dramatics, fancy-dress, music, quiz, recitation, sports, etc. This inculcates a sense of belonging-ness, loyalty & greater enthusiasm through healthy competitive spirit. They also contribute academic points to their house for their studies & academic activities.